Affordable Residential & Commercial Outdoor Maintenance Services

We like to keep things simple and affordable. Our basic residential lawn mowing service consists of a fresh clean cut, trimming as needed and clippings removed from all driveways, walks, & patios! This weekly service starts as low as $40 per visit for our Raytown area customers.

As always our customers may cancel service at anytime and we never require mowing contracts. Your lawn will be mowed at a standard height of 3 inches, and the clippings will be recycled back into the lawn to return nutrients to the plants. Clippings can also be bagged for an additional fee. Our mowing blades on all our equipment are always kept sharp!

Left: Commercial Lawn Mowing | Right: Residential Lawn Mowing

Affordable Lawn Mowing

Why people choose us

  • We offer a professional mowing service you can depend on
  • Customers enjoy our convenient online scheduling
  • AFFORDABLE with weekly lawn mowing services starting at just $40
  • Bi-weekly (every other week) lawn mowing services starting at just $50
  • Available 24/7 online mowing schedule viewing
  • Easy ways to pay online with PayPal
  • Options to pay-per-visit or be invoiced monthly

We proudly serve Commercial and Residential properties in Raytown, Independence & Kansas City, MO

Spring Clean-ups

Say Goodbye to Winter the Right Way

Goodbye Winter! Get a jump on the mowing season & have your lawn looking sharp with our Spring Clean-up Service! We will clean-up and haul away all the light yard debris including fallen limbs and blown in paper waste. Included in our Spring Clean-up Service is a lawn mowing with mulching. You can also add our leaf removal service if needed. Spring clean-ups can be a great way to try out our affordable lawn mowing as a new customer.

You do NOT need to be an existing client to schedule a Spring Clean-up!

After a Spring Clean-up in Lee’s Summit, MO

Our Lawn Application Spreading

Lawn Application Spreading

Why people choose us

We can help achieve a greener, healthier, and more weed-free lawn with a lawn feeding routine. We prefer organic lawn application products. You may choose to provide your own product brand. We can help you start your lawn feeding routine at any time of the year.

  • Pricing is for spreading ONLY.
    We do not sell or provide fertilizer or weed control products.
  • Up to 5000 sq. ft 
  • 5000 – 10,000 sq. ft
  • 10,000 sq. ft and above

We proudly serve Commercial and Residential properties in Raytown, Independence & Kansas City, MO

Leaf Removal Service

We can mulch or haul your leaves & debris away

Our affordable leaf removal service is most often requested in the Fall but can also be added to any Spring Clean-up service. Our Leaf Removal Service is usually billed at about (3) three times the cost of the customers mowing service. Our approach starts with an entire lawn mulching of the fallen leaves. As part of the mulching process the customers receives a mowing of the property. Excessive leaves not able to be beneficially mulched will be picked up and hauled away with a $15 disposal fee added to the service. Many times customers set up our leaf removal service as our final visit for the season.

  • Our Leaf Removal services are available from October thru December.
  • Spring clean-ups with yard debris removal begin in February
dirty rain gutter on house with plants growing out of it
Property in Raytown, MO, Before Image
the same gutter on the house, clean now after a gutter cleaning service
After Image

Gutter Cleaning

Why people choose us

Keeping your gutters clean is easy and one of the best ways to help prevent flooding in your basement. If you don’t feel like dragging out the ladder and doing it yourself then we would be happy to do it for you. Our gutter cleaning services are generally quick and reasonably priced at about $80 for an average sized home for our regular customers.

It’s typically recommended that gutters be cleaned in spring and fall. If your lot is very heavily wooded, you may consider adding a third annual cleaning.

We proudly serve Commercial and Residential properties in Raytown, Independence & Kansas City, MO

Brush & Yard Waste Removal

We Offer Yard Debris Haul-Off

Do your trees keep littering your lawn? We love trees but we know they can be a chore to clean-up after too! We can help remove & dispose of fallen limbs and wind-blown debris from your property at your request! We also haul-away bagged lawn debris for our customers as well.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Our goal is to make things as simple & affordable for our customers. Many times they inquire about tree service and we want to help them! Although we do not officially provide this service we can give you our recommended professional tree service providers contact information. We love recommending them because we believe they are the all-around most affordable & dependable tree company in our area and have the best “tree guy/climber” we have ever seen!

Call us anytime with your tree service inquiries and we will be happy to pass along the contact info.

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